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Computer Rental in Chennai

What We Are

JB Computers is a leading Computer Rental services offering quality computer rental in Chennai to individuals, organizations, industries, and businesses. Our specialties include Total Setup of Servers & Workstations. Since 2005, we have been regarded as one of the pioneers in the computer rental industry in Chennai. Apart from that, we provide people with IT support services and technical support. We make sure that all our customers are satisfied with the computer standards we offer for rental. We provide both “Branded” and “Assembled” computer rental in Chennai. The peripherals used in these computers are highly trustworthy. Best computer rental services in Chennai!

Computer Rental

Computer rental organizations offer computers for trade fairs, training courses, and online exams. It is also used as a personal computer. The computer rental services run from one to hundreds of computers. Similarly, computers can also be rented by individuals for personal or business use. Organizations and individuals who frequently set up booths at trade fairs can also benefit from computer rentals. Like conference presenters, trade fair presenters have difficulty carrying computer equipment when traveling by plane or bus. Computer rental in Chennai is ideal for these situations.

Advantages of Renting Computers from JB Computers

  • Affordability
  • Free doorstep delivery and Installation
  • Scalability: Increase or decrease the numbers any time as per the requirement.
  • Support/Repair: Given responsibility to manage failures
  • End to end support: Highly expertise technical team acts as a single point of contact to manage your complete IT infrastructure.
  • Easy upgrade: Electronics items are updated very quickly. The rental model helps you upgrade your device at any time.


How does the rental process work???

  • Select the desktop computers suitable for your project
  • Get a Quote through email or WhatsApp.
  • Send basic needed documents through email or WhatsApp.
  • Get delivered within 60 minutes along with installation